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Etiquette is respect, good manners, and good behavior. It is not just each of these things, but it is all of these things rolled into one.

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Elegance is associated with simplicity and consistency of design. It is the key that enables a woman to choose the specific style of dress…

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“Sit up or stand up straight!” Pull your shoulders back!” We as children were always told to fix our posture.

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Speech & Communications

Sound As Good As You Look

Many people feel insecure about their speech impediments, whether it’s a lisp or an inability to articulate words, and it can affect every aspect of life.

Improve Speech Delivery

Delivery is the visible part of your presentation. There are lots of small details that affect your overall performance. You can eliminate all the bad ones if you know what to focus on.

Conquer Speech Problems

While some of the general qualities of a pleasant voice in our culture may extend to other cultures, it’s likely that there may be some significant voice differences and variations that we must follow.

Ghada Ajam - etiquette consultant

Meet GhadaYour Premier Image Consultant

With over 20 years working with parents and students, I understand the importance and value of having good manners. Having good manners plays a big role in everyone’s life, from the day you were born, to your teen age years, to your career, and most importantly to your relationships with your loved ones.

I come from a family where good manners were not just a good thing to have but a way of life. I credit my parents for the life long education that was given to me, an education that I have been passing along to numerous individuals and families as a way of living a better life.