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We offer ongoing workshops throughout the year in Tripoli and beyond.

We deliver interactive, hands on training that will yield immediate results in your etiquette approach and ultimate life success. We offer training workshops for all ages including individuals, managers, and business owners.

Whether you are young, mature, or a seasoned professional, you are always learning new manners to strengthen your skill level and improve your life!

Many of our trainings incorporate role playing and peer feedback. We find people are more accountable to their goals and the outcome when they are directly involved in the training and are having fun.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Wedding Etiquette
  • Table Etiquette
  • Travel Etiquette
  • Social Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette

Workshops Locations

  • Tripoli
  • Tripoli
  • Tripoli
  • Tripoli
  • Tripoli
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